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Notebook and Pen

Keytech, Website Copy

Keytech delivers on our promises. 

It’s frustrating, waiting for a system to load whilst you’ve got an impatient customer on the phone. We’re here to reduce the risk of this happening, and make sure you have a team on hand ready to solve the issue.

By purchasing with Keytech, you aren’t just improving your technology - you’re maximising efficiency in your workspace. Put control in the right hands so you can spend less time having computer issues and more time dedicated to what you do.

It doesn’t hurt that we bring you into our familial based team, celebrating your key successes and supporting your business in all walks of life. We go above and beyond to make you feel as valued as we are when you choose us. 

We’ve spent the last year making customers happy. Our proactive rather than reactive approaches means that we catch many issues before they happen. By offering free antivirus software to our IT support customers, we respond directly to the main cause of technology problems. 

Graphic Designer

I'm a writer first and foremost, but my keen eye for visuals means you don't have to hire one person for your Twitter advert and another to design the banner. I can do both.




Lydia is wonderful! I’m so glad we were introduced at a time I thought I’d see how her copywriting skills were. Let’s give it a go. Wow I was so impressed, she’s done loads of work for me since then! Delightful to work with, synced with highly effective copy. Perfect. I look forward to many more projects with Doo!

Marianne Smith, CEO of Doo Marketing

Resident Copywriter at Doo Marketing

Doo was my first ever client after launching as a freelancer, and I'm happy to declare I scored the wonderful opportunity to be their resident copywriter.


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