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When we launched a year ago, we could have only hoped to be where we are now, but our ultimate marketing checklist guided us along the way.

Of course, we’d done all the normal steps. The market research, finding our USPs and preparing to put ourselves out there. But that didn’t guarantee success.

Every start-up has dreams, but with ambition comes certain expectations. A mental wall that we build to protect ourselves, where we insist “we’re just trying it out, it’s okay if this doesn’t work”. Going off on your own can be tough and gruelling but, as we’ve proven, the rewards are worth it.

Now it’s time for us to give back.

As a recent start-up with exponential success, we’re here to help you take the right steps with our 10X ultimate marketing checklist.

So here it is, from one growing business to another.


Graphic Designer

I'm a writer first and foremost, but my keen eye for visuals means you don't have to hire one person for your Twitter advert and another to design the banner. I can do both.




Lydia is wonderful! I’m so glad we were introduced at a time I thought I’d see how her copywriting skills were. Let’s give it a go. Wow I was so impressed, she’s done loads of work for me since then! Delightful to work with, synced with highly effective copy. Perfect. I look forward to many more projects with Doo!

Marianne Smith, CEO of Doo Marketing

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