Time Consuming. Unrewarding.

Marketing can feel impossible - as though you are shouting into a void.

It shouldn't have to.

This kit has been perfectly designed for authors to pick 'n' mix whatever they have been struggling with, and outsource it to someone with a love for books and a marketing degree in her pocket. 

1 Hour Marketing Consultancy


Need advice on your website, social media or current marketing strategies? Buy yourself a brain-storming session with a passionate reader, taking a dispassionate view.

Marketing Email


Writing the book was the easy part. Now you have to sell it. Having a selection of marketing emails to approach schools, libraries and local bookstores with will give you that boost to get yourself noticed.

Marketing Blog


Instead of having a website that looks out-dated and unhappy: have a lively, active blog feed where you can build up a mailing list and interact with your audience.

Review Proposal Kit


Approach bloggers and journalists with a pre-built review proposal that details your book(s), a little bit about you, some post ideas and more.

Press Release


Book launches are one of the most exciting things to happen to authors. You'll need a top-notch press release to compliment the amount of work you've put into writing your latest novel.

Discussion Topic Sheet and Q&A Sample


Bloggers and journalists love it when you approach them with a pre-built list of topic suggestions you can talk about in an interview. It takes away some of the work from them, making the whole interaction smoother, easier and less time consuming. So they can say 'yes'.

Author Bio Sheet


You aren't just selling your book: you are selling yourself, and part of your soul. When approaching media and press they absolutely love a comprehensive background story that gives them an idea of why you'd be the perfect person to feature.

Amazon Description & Blurb Copyedits


Give your book descriptions a facelift, pulling in potential readers exactly where it counts: in the bookstore or when they are scrolling through Amazon.

10 x Social Media Posts


Feeling flat and uninspired? Finding it difficult to keep your author pages up-to-date and active? Instead of wracking your brains, desperately trying to come up with something to post - scroll through 10 social media post ideas so that you can switch off your brain for the day. Divide the 10 for 2-3 posts per week, and you have a whole month covered and anxiety free.

Social Media Advert


I'll draft the perfect catchy phrase guaranteed to pull your audience in and get them clicking on those purchase links. It's up to you how much you invest in your adverts, but it's up to me to make every penny count.

Bookmark Design


Bookmarks are the perfect gift to give to your readers. They can be used as promotion material, preorder prizes and giveaways.

Banner Advert


Banner adverts can be used as cover photos, paid promotion materials and email headers. They are an essential part of book promotions that typically list sale prices, quotes or review samples.

Teaser Graphic


Entice your audience with a teaser-sample that sounds good, and looks good.

One Sided Flyer


Flyers are the perfect marketing material to keep with you at all times. You never know when you might find an interested reader, or want to pitch yourself to a local bookstore. Detailing your books and purchase information in one handout will help you stand among the crowd. These can be used at book events and signings too!

Don't scream until your throat hurts. Make an impact.

Notebook and Pen

Julia Stebbing

"Lydia is gifted with words, enthusiastic and also talented with graphics. I do not give faint praise."