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Let's wrangle your ramble.

Immerse your audience with high-quality marketing materials and bold messaging.


Don't settle for less.

Hire an experienced, UK-based copywriter with a marketing degree in her pocket and a bucket-load of enthusiasm to boot.

Taking Notes

"Lydia wrote my speech for the 'Businesses of the Future' 2020 event and has also given me some very trustworthy advice. I would never use anyone else."

Serj Hill, CEO of Silent Intelligence


Copywriting Services:

Websites and Landing Pages

It's important you score a good first impression with a potential customer. I'll turn your practical jargon into an inviting profile that guides consumers through their purchasing journey, bringing them to click that final 'buy' button.

Blog Posts and Articles

Need some content to keep your website up-to-date, active and fresh? Don't have the time to write content yourself? I've ran personal blogs for years and submitted more than I can count as creative writing coursework, client work and more.

Emails and Letters

We all know how unorganised email inboxes can look - let alone the amount of spam mail we receive per day. I'll create something to stand out in the crowd, engage readers and impress your mailing list. I can even design a personalised call to action, bringing customers from their personal space to yours.


From social media adverts to TV scripts, I can do it all. I have all the skills I need to create an intense, eye-catching advert. I can even help design the graphic, too.

Brochures, Flyers and Leaflets

I'm confident and experienced in all types of marketing materials. Whether you just need a copyedit or need new content from scratch, I'm the person for you. I'll give tips and ideas for complimentary graphics to make sure the final product is something you are proud of.

Product Descriptions and Service Listings

 Need short and snappy memorable experiences or inviting yet informative product descriptions? I can work through long lists of products, sticking to a theme that manages to stay fun and unique with every new click.

Direct Response Marketing

As I'm trained in customer services and have excellent communication skills, I'm ready to tackle your direct response needs. All you need to do is tell me where to be and when, I'll sort out the what and the how.

Speeches and Business Proposals

Are you approaching a big event or investment banker? Do you want to present yourself in the best light possible? I can write a speech that won't let you down.

Legal Documents

I'm currently building up a portfolio where I convert long and boring (but essential) documents into easy-to-digest and captivating ones.

Slogans and Taglines

Copywriting doesn't have to be long and expensive. If your brand needs a facial uplift and a catchy slogan to match, I can help with that.


As someone with more than 5 novel drafts under her belt, I know how intimidating it can be to write. I'm interested in working with author-wannabes looking to write fantasy, sci-fi or dystopian stories.


Enhance your customer's experience even after they've made a purchase. I can design and write personalised thank you notes or high-quality business cards to make sure they remember you.


You aren't just hiring a writer.

You're hiring a marketing expert, with graphic design skills, a friendly personality and big "hype-man" tendencies. I'm proud of every client I work with, and I love to watch them succeed. You'll often see me celebrating any and all positive results for my partners, even if I had no part in what they've achieved.

You won't just have a copywriter you can rely on, you'll have a friend.

Taking Notes

Lydia has been supporting my business, 10X Marketing for the last couple of months. As work load got a little overboard, Lydia came in as a saving grace! Even with the smallest briefs, she’s wrote the most engaging blog posts. I see Lydia supporting 10X for the foreseeable future to help grow the company and us individually. Thank you Lydia 👏🏼

Talisa Vallance
10x Marketing CEO

Lydia has a knack for writing compelling copy. She’s been supporting us as a freelancer for a few months now and I’m always impressed with her ability to take sometimes uninteresting topics and turn them into fun and engaging copy. I look forward to continuing working with Lydia in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of high-quality copywriting support.

Sophia Westgate
10x Marketing

Lydia is wonderful! I’m so glad we were introduced at a time I thought I’d see how her copywriting skills were. Let’s give it a go. Wow I was so impressed, she’s done loads of work for me since then! Delightful to work with, synced with highly effective copy. Perfect. I look forward to many more projects with Doo!

Marianne Smith
Doo Marketing CEO


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